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[New Science-Fiction Story] Peeling Back the Layers

Now that exams are over, I’ve finally come back to blogging! In my excitement, I typed out a new short story (a one-shot story) based on a dystopian society in the year 2020.  I’ve recently read the novel No.6 by Atsuko Asano and I was inspired to get into the genre.  It’s my first time writing anything sci-fi, but it is relatively short and simple so this should be a rather quick read.  I haven’t decided if I should expand the story more and I thought it would be better to let it be a stand alone story and if there’s enough interest, I’ll create an entire story out of it.

As for my other story, Echoes in Morning, I’m still working on the next chapter.  Sadly, my exam schedule left no room for writing so I am behind in writing the chapter.  I do have an outline of the entire story so I haven’t lost my bookmark on the story line.  An update should probably go up soon (hopefully in a week) though I can’t make any promises.

For now, please check out ‘Peeling Back the Layers‘!  Remember to R&R!  Looking forward to the comments!


[EIM New Chapter] Chapter 6: An Instance Beyond Time

Facing a writers block is quite the challenge.  I finally sat down to write this chapter out and I’m not quite sure what to make of the finished product.  It has this dream theme that I incorporated into the story line at the last minute (an influence of what I’ve been reading lately).  My roommate pointed out my use of metaphors in real life and I hope it doesn’t bother anyone.

I’ll try to update more often even if it’s a short chapter.  I would still like to finish this story seeing as it’s a genre I’ve never tried to immerse myself into.  Romance is a genre I don’t read often so it’s rather hard to write, but I thought it was an appropriate theme for this plot and I didn’t want to change the story line for my own handicap.

I’ve planned out some pretty emotional stuff to come next chapter so it might take a bit longer to perfect before I post it up.  School has been keeping me busy with projects, assignments, and midterms.  My final exam schedule is up and like always, it is completely unfair (I have 2 exams in a day twice!)

Hope everyone had a happy Valentines this month!  I planned to upload this chapter at the beginning of my Reading Week but studying tied up all my time.

Have fun reading!

Chapter 6: An Instance Beyond Time

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[EIM Update] Chapter 5: The Spark

Happy New Year everyone!!

As promised, I’ve posted up the fifth chapter for New Years.

I’ve already established more or less the content of each chapter and it looks like there will be at least another six chapters or so.  The next few chapters move pretty quickly since I don’t like to drag the plot out.

Here’s the latest chapter:

Chapter 5: The Spark

[EIM New Chapter] Chapter 4: Our Defining Moments

It’s a bit late, but Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

FictionPress was experiencing some problems with the edit tool bar so I couldn’t upload my story in the proper format.  I still cannot edit the chapter with the proper line breaks and I’ve tried to just write it in html.  It just doesn’t work for me and seeing as the editing tool has been down for over 3 days I’m not keen on waiting for them to fix the problem.  There’s only one line break I really needed but it never comes out whenever I press ‘save’.  When the tool is up and running again, I’ll re-upload it.  Otherwise, Chapter 4 is up!

I’m beginning to write the next chapter, “The Spark” and hopefully I’ll have that done around New Years.

Happy Reading!

Chapter 4: Our Defining Moments

[Update] “Echoes in the Morning” Chapter 3: The Land and the Sea

I’ve finally had time to upload the third chapter of Echoes in the Morning onto FictionPress!

Chapter 3

2nd Dawn: The Land and the Sea

I’ve had this chapter written up for a while now-say early to mid-September. I didn’t want to upload chapters until I was sure about the course of the story.  University life and family matters were competing for my time and interests throughout September and October resulting in less time to write this story.  I had a hard time filling up the void of  the next three chapters though I had a pretty rough draft of the ending done up already.

I’m actually not too sure about what I want to do about Lucius and Aurora’s meeting and it’s been on the back of my mind since mid-October.  I realize romance is hard to write, what with all the heavy angst I’m used to.  I even went through the very embarrassing act of rifling through the web for “first love” stories and visiting blogs about them.  Yes, you can laugh at me.

Maybe it’s this perfectionist mindset I have when I write, but I cannot stand it when it’s mediocre -trust me, that first chapter still bothers me and I wrote that three months ago!

I probably won’t update this story until after finals, which means after December 21st.  I do have the chapter done though, but it’s unedited and I don’t think you’ll find it fun to read through my grammar mistakes.  If I have some revelation before that and enough time, I might surprise you with another update.