[EIM New Chapter] Chapter 6: An Instance Beyond Time

Facing a writers block is quite the challenge.  I finally sat down to write this chapter out and I’m not quite sure what to make of the finished product.  It has this dream theme that I incorporated into the story line at the last minute (an influence of what I’ve been reading lately).  My roommate pointed out my use of metaphors in real life and I hope it doesn’t bother anyone.

I’ll try to update more often even if it’s a short chapter.  I would still like to finish this story seeing as it’s a genre I’ve never tried to immerse myself into.  Romance is a genre I don’t read often so it’s rather hard to write, but I thought it was an appropriate theme for this plot and I didn’t want to change the story line for my own handicap.

I’ve planned out some pretty emotional stuff to come next chapter so it might take a bit longer to perfect before I post it up.  School has been keeping me busy with projects, assignments, and midterms.  My final exam schedule is up and like always, it is completely unfair (I have 2 exams in a day twice!)

Hope everyone had a happy Valentines this month!  I planned to upload this chapter at the beginning of my Reading Week but studying tied up all my time.

Have fun reading!

Chapter 6: An Instance Beyond Time

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