Exploring Europe (Part I): London, United Kingdom (Day 2)

We woke up early the next day so we could get a head start!  Cafe Nero was nearby so we made a brief stop to get something to eat – cake for breakfast! I had an almond tart with a capuccino.  A few other tourists decided to stop by the cafe so I did not feel out of place when I had to pull out our map.
Almond Cake



Our first stop was Tower Bridge.  It was a bit humid but the sun was out so I can’t complain.  We were gifted with a sight of the Tower of London on our way to the bridge.  As we made our way towards the bridge, we posed for a few pictures while admiring the surroundings on Thames.  I even managed to get a decent look at the HMS Belfast!

HMS Belfast

The bridge was closed when we arrived due to a fire alarm early in the morning; however, the line wasn’t long and we didn’t have to wait much before the bridge reopened.  Up on the bridge, we got a good view of both sides of the Thames River.  Along each side there were information cards about different bridges around the world and a timeline highlighting events ranging from the world cup to The Beatles.  The best part of the tour was the visit to the engine room near the end – the water pump was my favourite.  
Tower Bridge
We headed towards Borough Market for lunch.  I thought the market would be a lot more crowded but I suspect we visited too early – or perhaps on an off day?  There were only a few stalls open so I was a little let down.  I was expecting a bustling market where one would have to elbow and push their way through.  We did our groceries here!  The oranges here are very good.  I had originally set my heart on trying the fish and chips but got distracted by an ever-growing line at a place called Applebee’s across the street.  We decided to line up and try the wrap that everyone was getting.  We both walked away with a mix of cajun chicken and prawn!  I found the wrap to be a little over-seasoned but do not note I tend to like my food a bit blander than the average person.  We picked up some fresh fruit juice at another stall before walking over to Tate Modern.

Borough Market


A short walk later and we were at Tate Modern.  I thought it was rather nice to be in a museum with a smaller crowd.  Regretably, we wandered around only for a short while.  My favourite floor must have been the dream and poetry floor – I believe it is the second level.  As a fan of Dali and Picasso, I was extremely excited when I saw their artwork – in the same room too!  I won’t post any pictures of art in the museum as the pictures do not do any of them justice.  We also visited the floor with the theme of energy which had a lot of interesting sculptures.  I wish I could have spent a few more hours at this museum and will visit again given the chance.


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