About Me

I’m uploading and writing on this blog under the alias “Happy Mango”.

Cooking, baking, and writing stories are just a few of my hobbies.  I also enjoy playing badminton, tennis, going horseback riding, drawing comics, sketching, and reading books and stories posted online.  I absolutely LOVE food in all forms and sizes.  If it tastes good then I’ll definitely enjoy savouring the taste; if it looks good, then I’ll feast with my eyes.  If it is a combination of visual and appetite appeal then I’ll be itching to try it in my own kitchen.

I live in Canada so some terminology or references to holidays may differ depending on where everyone is geographically located.  I don’t want to limit the recipes I try to just recipes popular in America; I want to try everything and anything.  Even if it’s not my preferred taste, I would still want to try it.  Food and baked goods shouldn’t be limited to geography.

I created this blog for fun during my summer break, but now I’m addicted to posting things up here.  It’s all new to me -I’m not really that good with technology- and blogging took ages to learn.  I enjoy writing my blogs as though I were telling a story to someone.  One of my passions is food and I’ll be posting a lot of food related stories from restaurant visitations to different recipes I decided to try out and share with all of you.

I’m a passionate individual and I love everything I do.  I strive towards making ends meet in life; not in financial terms, but in terms of life enjoyment, experiences, and education, with the hardships life brings to all of us.  It’s this overwhelming experience we get through life that defines moments we will remember in the future.

Connecting & Comments

I would love to hear/read feedback and comments!  Feel free to offer advice, tips, constructive criticisms, etc.  I want people to enjoy reading and if there’s something you think would be awesome, either cool recipes or places you’d recommend, drop me a comment!  Also, feel free to connect with me through other mediums such as Twitter or my other sites (@CrazedMangoes) which you can find on the side bars.

I’d love to hear from you!


Please leave a comment! Thank you!

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