[Update] “Echoes in the Morning” Chapter 3: The Land and the Sea

I’ve finally had time to upload the third chapter of Echoes in the Morning onto FictionPress!

Chapter 3

2nd Dawn: The Land and the Sea

I’ve had this chapter written up for a while now-say early to mid-September. I didn’t want to upload chapters until I was sure about the course of the story.  University life and family matters were competing for my time and interests throughout September and October resulting in less time to write this story.  I had a hard time filling up the void of  the next three chapters though I had a pretty rough draft of the ending done up already.

I’m actually not too sure about what I want to do about Lucius and Aurora’s meeting and it’s been on the back of my mind since mid-October.  I realize romance is hard to write, what with all the heavy angst I’m used to.  I even went through the very embarrassing act of rifling through the web for “first love” stories and visiting blogs about them.  Yes, you can laugh at me.

Maybe it’s this perfectionist mindset I have when I write, but I cannot stand it when it’s mediocre -trust me, that first chapter still bothers me and I wrote that three months ago!

I probably won’t update this story until after finals, which means after December 21st.  I do have the chapter done though, but it’s unedited and I don’t think you’ll find it fun to read through my grammar mistakes.  If I have some revelation before that and enough time, I might surprise you with another update.


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