My Graduation Hall became a Restaurant?

During one of my weekends back home, I went out with my grandparents to try out a new restaurant.  Interestingly, this restaurant has opened up in the convention hall where I had my Grade 8 graduation!  I’ll admit I was extremely curious about how the interior of the restaurant would look like.  It’s not everyday your graduation hall becomes a restaurant!

The room is gigantic and the entire place screamed traditional and vintage at me.  They have huge paintings inside and the way the tables are spaced give a lot of room to customers.  The place isn’t as loud as some restaurants I’ve been to and all you ever hear is the constant murmur of voices.

I was surprised to find the teapot transformed from the traditional Chinese teapots to the ones shown in the first photo below.  The lighting hasn’t changed since my graduation.  They had removed the stage though and seemed to section off only a part of the convention hall for the restaurant.

The food was mediocre but overall it was fine for lunch.  It was really nice to come back to this place and think about my graduation.  It’s been a while since I graduated from elementary school, but it’s still very nostalgic to go back in there.    I can’t even remember what the room looked like on that day.  I did enjoy the chance to sit back down in a room full of memories though.  Overall, it was quite the experience.


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