Wine Tasting: Trius Sauvignon Blanc VQA

Wednesday’s wine tasting event on campus was an amazing experience!  The room atmosphere was excellent and the wines we were introduced to were all affordable and great in variety.  They selected a range of wines I found to be all very different in their tastes and I would assume they had purposefully done it to let us try which type of wine we may prefer.

White wine has been mostly a taboo for me ever since a not so pleasant experience during the summer at an Alice Fazooli’s where I ended up nauseated after dinner with friends.  I was even given the suggestion I might be allergic to the preservatives in the white wines -which I ‘m not as proven by this lovely white wine.  I tried the wine apprehensively, expecting a reaction similar to my experience with my first white wine tasting.  I was pleasantly surprised to find I really loved the taste of this wine -the Sauvignon Blanc.

Before tasting it, we were instructed to swirl the yellow-white liquid around to oxidize it a bit more and smell the difference in taste.  I was blown away at how strong the aroma of fruits became.  I might even say it smelled better than it tasted for me.

The speaker told us the wine is just under $15 and can be found in most local LCBO stores.  It’s a VQA wine from Niagara Falls, Ontario. The wine itself is mild and not as bold as the Australian white wine I first tried.  I think it would probably win over most people due to its balanced nature so if you haven’t tried white and wine or you’re hesitating because you don’t particularly like bitter tastes, try this Trius Sauvignon Blanc VQA!


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