Shiso Tree Cafe Part 2

Those who have been following my blog know I love this small place in J-Town.  From what I know about Shiso Cafe, it’s a Japanese-Italian fusion.  I decided to have my belated birthday celebration and mini reunion with my high school friends in May.  We went on a Friday and the place was packed!  Thankfully, we were seated in a corner room with tatami mats -which I love.

We decided to share an appetizer and a friend suggested the fries because she had them before.  We had the Okonomiyaki fries.  My friend was not joking when she said they were amazing.  I had no idea fries could taste this good.

Okonomiyaki Fries

Our table had a variety of main dishes, all pasta.  The menu is mostly made of pasta dishes or appetizers.  They do have a large menu of beverages and a separate menu for dessert from Bakery Nakamura.  To sum this up quickly, the pasta by itself is pretty average but the combination of the dish is what them delicious.  The taste is consistently on the mild side so if you love bold tastes this might not be for you.  I had the shrimp okonomiyaki pasta and it is now my favourite pasta.  The okonomiyaki flavour was just enough throughout the dish to stand out and there was no excess or lack of sauce for the amount of pasta given.  They gave a decent amount of shrimp and all our pastas came with a small piece of toast.  Overall, I thought it was pretty decent for the price range (around $10-$15).  If you’re a heavy eater or a growing adolescent then you wouldn’t be satisfied with the amount here.

Shiso Clam White Wine Pasta

Smoked Salmon a la Creme Vodka



Shrimp Okonomiyaki Pasta

Finally, we come to the desserts!  I actually cake and tea prior to this dinner which was probably not a bright idea, but I can’t say no to food.  We tried the sesame creme brulee that was popular in online reviews and I thought it was really well done.  If you’re a fan of sesame like me, you should not hesitate to order this!

Sesame Creme Brulee

If my love for this place wasn’t apparent enough, I will blatantly say that this is one of my favourite cafes in my area.  I am craving those Okonomiyaki fries as I write this.  If you’re a fan of fusion styles then you should give this place a try!


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