An Afternoon at the Distillery District

My friend and I visited the Distillery District in downtown Toronto a month ago.  We arrived in the morning so the place felt a little empty.  If you plan to visit, you should check online to ensure the restaurants or cafes are open.  Fortunately, the restaurant I looked up was open.  The place is quite unique with the pieces of art in the area (I believe there is a Artscape around?).

Summer Day at the Distillery District

We went to Archeo for lunch.  The interior seems to be heavily focused on art and I was surprised to see it so empty.  Our waiter was extremely friendly and patient.  The menu had a bit of everything and we ended up ordering the potato pizza with a dessert.  The pizza was amazing! The crust was a little burnt on one side, but it was thin and had a nice texture overall.  The sauce didn’t overpower the other ingredients which was a pleasant surprise.  I felt it was a well-balanced dish though I would have loved to have more potatoes in it.

Potato Pizza

For dessert, we had the honey ricotta cheesecake that came with what looks like a poached pear.  The pear and cake was delicious, but I thought the sauce at the bottom was the best complement in the dish.

Honey Ricotta

Later on, we left for Balzac Coffee, a cafe that I spotted when we first walked in.  The interior was very nice and reminded me of those cafes I often see in movies, the cookies and baked goods placed within a small glass dome on the counter.  Sadly, I was too awestruck to take pictures of the interior.  I ordered a cafe au lait while my friend decided on an iced latte.  The cafe au lait was just right for me -I’m not a big fan of overly sweet drinks.

Old Reliable Coffee

Balzac's Coffee

We were a little pressed for time so we left right after grabbing our respective drinks.  Overall, I loved spending time at the Distillery District -partly because it was a new experience for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed the calm atmosphere there.  If you haven’t been to the Distillery District, I think it’s worth the trip!



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