Dinner at La Grotta

February was a month of birthdays.  To celebrate, we went to La Grotta on Main Street, Unionville.  It was a while ago and I can’t remember all the details of the dinner.

First, we ordered red wine.  I can’t remember the name (sorry!) but I remember it was sweeter than most wines I’ve had.  The waiter was very kind and helpful.  He helped us pick a suitable wine for our dinner.



I had the gnocchi.  The sauce was the best part of the dish.  You can taste the freshness and the sauce complemented the gnocchi well.

Gnocchi Gorgonzola


My friends tried the Surf n’ Turf.  It was the ‘one of the best steaks’ he has ever had.  Another friend had the chicken and commented that it was your average dish.

Surf n' Turf

Chicken Parmigiana


For dessert, we tried the chocolate brownie, the tiramisu, and the creme brulee.  The brownie dish looked very filling but I’ve heard it was delicious.  The tiramisu is rather average so it was a little disappointing.  I found the creme brulee to be satisfying but not particularly mind-blowing.



Creme Brulee


The menu is a little limited so if you’re looking for a huge variety you might want to consider another restaurant.  Otherwise, I think most would be satisfied with the quality of the food here.  I must comment on the exceptional service here.  Our waiter was extremely attentive and helpful throughout the dinner.  As I was the first to arrive, he kindly made light conversation and even told me more about the restaurant.  I would definitely recommend La Grotta if you’re looking for a nice quiet dinner or a place for a special occassion.




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