Lunch at Prince Albert’s Diner

Having heard much about Prince Albert’s, my friend and I decided to visit the diner.  Located on Richmond, it is located fairly close to the university campus -definitely a plus for hungry students.  I’ve visited the diner once in the past a few years ago when I had to stay late at school to finish a project.  I did not remember much of that time except how rushed we were and that the food was edible.  Having the opportunity to visit during my free time helped improve my experience.

I’ll start by commenting on my first impression.  The diner exterior is painted in bright colours -yellow and red if I remember correctly.  It has a nice touch of individuality and statement.  The interior is what you would expect from local diners, decorated to match the outgoing and classic exterior look.  It gives you a comfortable feeling when you walk in.

I read a lot of reviews recommending the milkshakes here so I decided to order one.  I had the chocolate milkshake and I have never drank so much milkshake in one sitting.  The portion was huge!  I got two full cups of milkshake!  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing the price of the milkshake was on the slightly higher end.  As for the taste, I am definitely a big fan of their milkshake! You can actually taste the chocolate and creamy flavour of the milkshake rather than the usual overload of sugar.  I would actually make a trip to this diner for the milkshake alone.
Chocolate Milkshakes

Chocolate Milkshake

I had the BBQ Swiss burger while my friend had a burger with bacon and mushrooms.  My burger came with sweet potato fries!  The burger was decently sized and the entire plate accomplishes the objective of filling one’s stomach.  The meat was above average though personally I would have liked less sauce -I’m not a sauce person.  My friend enjoyed her burger a lot and I doubt the sauce was overpowering in any aspect.


BBQ Swiss Burger


The menu is decently priced.  The staff were courteous and frequently came to ask whether we were enjoying our meal.  The atmosphere is nice and I can picture the diner as a great place for students to hang out with their friends.  I believe Prince Albert’s is a nice experience for anyone looking for a casual meal or comfort food.


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