Le Cafe Michi

After my experience at Shiso Tree Cafe, I’ve been trying to find another place that offered a main entree with a dessert.  Le Cafe Michi popped out in my searches and many blogs have covered their experience at this cafe.  Seeing the enthusiastic comments online about how fresh the food was and the greatness of the green tea cake, I decided to give the cafe a go.

I went with two of my friends during the break and made sure to call for reservations beforehand -as recommended by many bloggers.  Driving into the plaza, I almost missed it.  The cafe is small and the shop front isn’t exactly the most eye catching you might expect for a place that seems rather popular on the Internet.  Walking in, I was met with the gorgeous display of cakes! We had a table close to the window which I appreciated as the lighting seemed to be a little dim.  The waiters were extremely nice and ventured to ask us how everything was throughout our meal.

They had a full menu and the picture menu out.  The picture menu had stunning pictures of their food and made me want to order almost everything.  I ended up ordering the Unatama while my friends had the Chyo Chin bento set and the seafood hot pot.

We were brought our respective orders of tea and coffee along with the garden salad.

Garden Salad

My Unatama arrived!

I’m a big fan of BBQ eel and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have a donburi with egg! The egg was cooked perfectly and the middle was still tender.  The eel pieces were big and I found no bones. I loved the fact that the sauce was not overdone and the rice was of course, wonderfully cooked.


The seafood hotpot!

There is quite a bit in this hot pot: vegetables, one egg, udon, shrimp, three types of mushrooms, seaweed, and chicken.  My friend enjoyed the soup quite a bit !

Seafood Hotpot

The Chyo Chin Bento was a popular pick from posts online and it did not fail to impress!  The presentation was exactly like in the picture and although I didn’t eat the sashimi, the pieces were thick enough that I was contented just by looking at it.

Chyo Chin Bento 1

Chyo Chin Bento 2

Chyo Chin Bento Full

Of course, what is a meal without dessert? My friends and I might have been more excited about the cake than the meal!  For people who are curious about getting an entire cake, we were told the Green Tea Cake 8 inches is around $40.  The cakes are baked in the establishment itself and I’ve heard all the ingredients are fresh and the cakes are additive free!

Cake Display

Cake Display 2

Chocolate Sake & Mocha Cake

We decided on the Green Tea cake and I was blown away! I’m not a huge fan of green tea as it is usually too sweet for my tastes but this cake slice didn’t overdo the sweetness.  The green tea flavor comes out subtly and the red beans complemented the green tea flavor nicely.  The red beans were sweet and gave the cake a bigger lift than if it were just full of green tea flavor.  I thought the cake definitely lived up to the hype on the Internet and I can’t wait to come back to try more of their cakes!

Green Tea Cake

We left after purchasing slices of Bailey Cheesecakes and another Green Tea cake.  It was an afternoon well spent!  Although most people might find the meals here are pricier than most Japanese places, I thought the food and desserts were well done.  Having rarely gone to Downtown Toronto for my meals, Le Cafe Michi is definitely one of the best Japanese places I’ve been to! Of course, AYCE and cafes have their differences but if you are looking for something new that won’t disappoint, I highly recommend visiting Le Cafe Michi!


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