[Modified Cake Recipe] Chocolate, Mousse, Meringue and Strawberry Curd Layered Cake

This modified recipe is adapted to fit my mother’s tastes.  It was made for her birthday in December and is a recipe I’ve previously posted on this blog before.  She loves strawberries and she wanted a layered cake with a strawberry curd.  I swapped the original blueberry curd for a strawberry curd (see the recipe below) and made a white chocolate mousse this time.

I had tons of fun changing the recipe around.  I think the layered cake recipes are quite flexible in terms of baking since you can play around a little with the different layers.  I found the cake came out better the second time I made this recipe.  It really helps to make sure you have a solid cake to work with when you’re assembling it.  I might make a thicker cake as a base next time.  Overall, I had a great time baking again.  It’s been too long since I’ve baked something!

2012-12-30 16.34.14


I do apologize for the lack of pictures.  We ended up cutting the cake before I could take a proper picture of it.


The Strawberry Curd

This recipe was adapted from My Baking Bites

15-oz. (I used 450g) of  fresh strawberries, stems removed, chopped
100g sugar (you can probably add less)
4 tbsp fresh lemon juice (this was around 1 lemon)
5 tsp cornstarch

  1. Wash, chop, and remove the stems from the strawberries.  Place them into a medium sized pot and add some water (I used very little just to make sure those strawberries don’t stick).  Let the strawberries stew over the stove at medium heat (a rather quick process)
  2. Add in the caster sugar
  3. Juice the lemons until you have enough and add in the cornstarch.
  4. Mix the cornstarch and lemon juice mixture well and add this to the pot.
  5. Let the curd sit in the pot until you get a nice solid/jam-like consistency (this happens relatively fast as we have added cornstarch)

Note: I made the strawberry curd on the first day of baking to ensure it has time to cool down and set in the refrigerator before assembling the cake.


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