Changes to my Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update this blog properly.

I’ve decided to make a few changes:

  • This blog will only be for personal use in the future.  I will create a new blog connected to this one specifically for writing instead of posting on outside links.  
  • The old links will stay and be maintained
  • Updates will be sporadic for a while.  I’ve finished my exams but I have a huge backlog of ‘things to do’ awaiting my presence.
  • Baking updates should be up again soon for any that are interested

It’s been almost half a year since my last update so I am very sorry to anyone who visited this blog during my absence.  I hope you’ll continue following and reading my blog!



About Happy Mango

Hi, I'm Happy Mango and this is my blog. Feel free to look around and leave comments!

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