Summerlicious at Fred’s Not Here

Our second stop at Summerlicios was at Fred’s Not Here.  We were rather excited to go to a steakhouse since the majority of my family enjoys steaks.  The place was bustling with activity and it seemed like many people decided to stop by the restaurant on the daily basis.  We were a little early and the waiter kindly asked if we wanted to sit down first or wait, but we had no problems with sitting in a different table so we sat in a cozy area of the restaurant.  The restaurant was darker than what I was used to, but there was definitely sufficient lighting to check out the interior design and menu when seated.

Our waiter was courteous and extremely friendly.  He made repeated attempts to assure we were comfortable and the wait for food was not long.  We all started the lunch off with their famous crab and lobster soup.  I read numerous reviews praising this appetizer and I’m happy to say none of those reviews were misleading.  The pastry on top was nicely made and the soup was a little spicey, but had a wonderful effect.  It was a very heart-warming soup and we absolutely loved it!


For the main, we split into a group with steak and duck frites while I had the 3 way Berkshire pork.  The steak was a little on the dry side and definitely over the ‘medium’ we initially ordered.  The 3 way pork had quite a few surprises: the rib was a little dry, but I enjoy extremely moist meat so I may be biased in my opinion while the pork belly was tender and lovely.  I found the sausage to be less stellar than what I imagined, but it was not overly salty and I relatively enjoyed it.


For dessert, we had orders of strawberry & mascarpone cream, and the daily cheesecake.  They were all pretty good as desserts, though nothing extremely praiseworthy.  I enjoyed the fact that none of their dessert dishes were overly sweet.


Overall, I enjoyed my lunch at Fred’s Not Here.  There is no need to worry about smaller portions here as the portions were large and will definitely be enough for hungry visitors.  The service and ambiance probably added much to our experience at the restaurant.  The food wasn’t as stellar as I initially believed, but overall it was an enjoyable experience.


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