Summerlicious at Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill

Our first stop at Summerlicious this year was Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill located on Adelaide and Church Street.  We picked it after reading great reviews and compliments about the quality of their food.  The featured menu was a plus since my mother is a big fan of seafood.  It’s the first time we went to Summerlicious as a family and I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Walking in, we were greeted by a comfortable atmosphere and a moderately small restaurant.  A friendly waiter asked us for our reservation and led us promptly to our seats.  The place hummed with weekend talks as we spotted many families enjoying lunch together as well as the towers of mussels that were hard to miss.


As you can probably spot in the picture, the fish cake was relatively small.  Don’t underestimate that fish cake; it definitely packed a punch! It was tender and full of fish flavour without the intrusive heavy seasoning.  I wished there was more on the dish -it was that good.

The spanish chowder received a mixed response between my parents with one loving it and the other disliking it.  I suppose this dish may be dependent on whether you prefer heavier or lighter seasoning.  It was commented that it was relatively light.


We managed to try out all the dishes available as a main dish and overall the comments were extremely positive!

The pork loin looked to be dry at first glance and our suspicions were proven false when we were delightfully surprised by the tender and moist pork we were served with.

The mussels were complimented for their freshness.  Many tables present went with this dish and as far as I can tell, it is probably a local favourite.  There were an abundance of mussels in the dish and the fries that came with the mussels were well received.

The salmon with risotto was by far one of the best cooked salmon I’ve ever had.  As a salmon fan, I was deeply touched by how the chef was able to keep the moisture in the fish while frying the skin to perfection.  The risotto was also very well done and the salmon could not possibly receive any more compliments.  Everyone agreed the salmon with risotto was the best main dish on this menu.


Again, we were able to try all three desserts and the best one in our opinion was the sticky toffee pudding.  If you plan on visiting and you’re not afraid of some sweetness to your dessert, the sticky toffee pudding is your pick.  The pudding surprised us as it wasn’t overly sweet and the dish was definitely appealing in appearance.

The poached apricot was alright and I was sad to find that there was no more apricot taste in the entire fruit.  Overall, I found it to be extremely visually appeasing and was a great dessert experience due to the unique taste it offered.  I would say this dessert is more for those who are fans of raspberry & wine.

The dark chocolate pate was definitely small for size, but as a dessert it was alright as well.  It was very much like your average dessert and there’s not much else to say about it.


If possible, I would love to visit Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill! The food was absolutely amazing and having everyone enjoy their food together in a cozy place is a huge plus!  Even after visiting another Summerlicious place, Starfish is always have a special place in our memories.  If you plan to visit, make a reservation first.  The place doesn’t have a huge amount of seating available and it seemed pretty busy when I went.  If you’ve been here already, leave a comment and share your experience too!


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