Experiencing the Luminato Toronto Carretilla Initiative

It’s been a hectic week, so I’ll keep the post short!

On Tuesday, I attended one of the numerous lunch events of the Toronto Carretilla Initiative.  The event is hosted by Luminato and has been in its sixth year.  We made Tyroler Grostl and it was absolutely delicious!

We put on our cool plastic aprons and red bandanas before heading to the chopping boards.  The carts were all set up without the use of screws and everything could be readjusted to cook another type of dish!  The set up was truly inspiring and everyone there seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.  We had different cutting boards that ranged from potatoes to bacon or cheese.  Before we knew it, there was a long line of hungry people waiting to try it out!

Personally, I love this type of event where it’s not only fun, effortless, and a beautiful experience, but the fact that we got to share this with a lot of people!  Even after we ran out of food, there were people walking by and wondering what we were doing with our bright orange carts!

Cool fact: The spoons we used to eat this wonderful meal was made of potatoes!

All in all, it was such a great way to spend my lunch break! Be sure to check out Luminato during the week or line up for the free food!


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