Food Revolution Day 2012

There aren’t many food related events I’ve attended that I believe I’ll remember for life -but this is one of them.  On a bright summer day in downtown Toronto, I attended a ‘pass it on’ cooking lesson in celebration of Food Revolution Day.  We made chicken masala; the taste and smell were heavenly.  What’s more is that everyone was bonding and chatting in a sort of way that reminds me of how close the community can get.  It’s undeniable that the world is becoming increasingly interconnected via the Internet and instant communication channels, but these small close knit connections over a short period of time where everyone is enjoying each other’s company and the food we were making, are the ones that have the ability to touch people.  As it is my first time participating in this type of event, I would love to try it out again next year -and the next!

For curious readers, you can read more about the ‘pass it on’ cooking event on Mardi’s blog.

We each received a copy of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Cookbook and I’m looking forward to trying out the recipes in here before I pass it on as well.

Food Revolution Day is definitely an inspiring day.


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