Crepes a Go Go!

Standing as a small restaurant with a charming appearance, Crepes a Go Go stands out from the crowd of surrounding restaurants and espresso bars in the neighbourhood with its brightly coloured store cover and the leisurely dining guests on its patio.  Walking in, a hot breath of air welcomes you along with extremely friendly staff who ask if you would like a menu.  To enjoy the sunny day and to catch the light breeze, we sat outside on the patio waiting for our orders of delicious savoury crepes.  The tables and chairs reminds me of benches used in my local park -a perfect complement to a lunch of crepes. Browsing over the menu if enough to make out stomachs grumble and mouth water and the wide selection lets your imagination go wild.

We tried out several crepes including their signature crepe, Veronique.  Their crepes seemed so appetizing we wanted to order a second round of dessert or sweet crepes, but we were pressed for time and had to move on with our schedule.  The crepes came together and I was beyond amused.  The crepes come in a brown paper bag and as you hold one end, the staff will help you rip the bag in the middle so you can eat your crepes comfortably.  I saw some other tables eat crepes that came in miniature sizes and those ones could be held without the paper.

My order, the Popeye, contained cheese and baby spinach.  It was a very light and definitely for anyone who enjoys a more mild crepe.  It’s a fantastic place to have your crepes as the crepes are heavenly and the ambiance is natural and perfect for the summer weather!

If you plan to try this place out, be forewarned that the wait for food may be long and it is probably in your best interest to make a reservation.  Despite the wait, I definitely believe the crepes are worth it!


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