Small Yet Interesting: Ichiban Fish House at Richlane Mall

The Ichiban Fish House at Richlane caught my eye due to its very extended stay and maintenance of its business there.  Familiar with the mall, I know many of the restaurants in there tend to close down after a few months so to see this small restaurant standing strong after three to four years, I knew there must be something truly amazing here.  My parents and I decided to try this place on a Saturday night.  It was very busy though we arrived after 8pm and we waited for close to half an hour to be seated.  The restaurant is extremely small and has very little seating.  If you do plan on coming here, I suggest you buckle down for a long wait for opt for take out.

We ordered a large sushi combo which contained an assortment of salmon, unagi (BBQ eel), red snapper, tako (octopus), shrimp, mackerel, tuna, californina, and tempura sushi.  As a three person table, we ended up finishing almost the entire tray with close to eight pieces left over.  In my opinion, it is very good sushi for the price you pay.  It’s an excellent place to eat some casual Japanese food with friends and family and they have quite the variety in terms of combo.  Their menu in particular includes photos of each dish so if you’re nervous about what type of sushi is included or how your portions will turn out, I can vouch that their photos are a very accurate representation of what you will get.

The service was quick, it was easy to order, everything came as expected, and the food was above average.  I would definitely come here again -which we did 2 days later -especially if you’re looking for a casual meal that doesn’t hit your wallet too hard.  It’s definitely affordable in terms of Japanese restaurants and the quality of their food doesn’t pale in comparison at all.  I observed their salmon from the glass cover and those are some fine salmon pieces there.  They have uni at the restaurant which I don’t see often either so if you’re a fan, perhaps you might want to drop by this place.

Can’t wait to come by again for some awesome sushi!!


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