The Charms of Markham Sushi

To celebrate my quite belated birthday, my family took us out to try out a new sushi place past Markham Road, on Highway 7.  We entered a small and slightly hidden restaurant called Markham Sushi and were greeted by a very friendly waitress.  The booth was nicely spaced, seating four people, with curtains at the entrance of the booth for decorations and a nice ball lamp overlooking the table.  We even got an actual teapot!

We ended up ordering a lot this time: two specialty rolls, 36 pieces of sashimi, one beef teriyaki bento box, one plate of shrimp tempura, and one seafood udon.

The two specialty rolls we got were the Pink Lady and the Black Dragon roll.  The Pink Lady was a shrimp tempura maki roll covered in smoked salmon and avocado and some sesame sprinkles.  The blend of this roll was particularly intriguing for me.  The taste was extremely unique and I would return to the restaurant just to eat the Pink Lady again.

The sashimi combo my parents got came in the normal display over a large white radish and lettuce bedding.  They do give a generous amount of wasabi -for those who are wasabi fans, you would definitely love this!  They put in more salmon sashimi than we expected, but generally the comments were very positive from the way the sashimi was cut to the taste of the sashimi.

My brother went out on a limb and got the beef teriyaki bento box.  It was monstrous!  I have never seen such a huge bento box!  It’s definitely the dish you would order if you had a very good appetite.  The beef was awesome and the bento came with a slightly spicy salad too.  The tempura included were so good we ended up ordering another plate of tempura!

The seafood udon was really just to hit it home.  The soup was very good and my mom absolutely adores this udon.

Overall, this is probably the first time I have ever been so full after eating at a Japanese restaurant.  The service was very friendly and the food came a little slow, but we always take out time with meals.  The food was quite good and for the price they charge, it was quite expensive.  We definitely enjoyed the night out and I would highly recommend the Pink Lady specialty roll if anyone is going there to try their sushi.  The sashimi were sliced thick and nice and the beef teriyaki was absolutely superb.  The tempura itself was fried very nicely, just perfect!  Though it rests on the more expensive end of the spectrum, I would definitely recommend Markham Sushi for those in the area.  It has very good food and it is definitely on my list of Japanese restaurants I would love to visit again!


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