O’Zen Japanese & Korean Restaurant on Richmond

I’ve heard from a couple of friends of a great Japanese restaurant on Richmond called O’Zen.  When my parents came into London after visiting an open house at McMaster, we headed straight for the restaurant.  I’ve heard my share of good and bad comments about the place which usually ranges from excellent food to horrible service.  After arriving at close to eight o’clock in the evening, we found ourselves in O’zen.  It was very cramped -the restaurant was relatively small-and the waiting time stretched towards twenty to thirty minutes.  The restaurant seemed to be divided into those who made reservations and those who had not.  For anyone thinking of going, I would highly recommend making a reservation beforehand.

Our waitress was very helpful, friendly, and very polite.  The service was quick and efficient.  I thought I had sat down at the wrong restaurant for a little while because I remember the reviews to comment on some very poor service.  I believe I had better service here than at least half of all the restaurants I have been to; the service was exceptional.

We ordered a seafood okonomi yaki (a Japanese pancake), a Tokyo Sushi Set, and a Rocket Roll.  The Rocket Roll was rumored to be the best specialty at Ozen and it indeed lived up to its reputation.

The Rocket Roll is comprised of sushi pieces of different flavours, each being unique in the ingredients within and the taste.  The sauce used for this dish is absolutely fantastic.  I am no fan of spicy sauces, but this sauce has a spiciness that compliments the roll in a way you can’t go without it.

I ordered the okonomi yaki after having watched several Japanese variety shows introduce okonomi yaki into their programs.  It seemed to be quite simple but it looked delicious in the video.  I had a great urge to try this and I must say I loved it.

The entire dish is amazing.  The Japanese pancake is at the very bottom and it is topped with octopus, fried octopus rings, red papers, broccoli, and fried shrimp.  Teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise are added on top and the dish is completed with bonito flakes.  I can’t wait to come back for this dish again!

My parents love sushi and sashimi so they ordered the Tokyo set which came in a nice boat.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at O’zen.  The food and service was excellent!  This restaurant is definitely a place you want to visit if you love Japanese food!


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