Baking Madness (Decorations) -with Friends!

Part II of Baking Madness!

We could not resist the temptation to decorate our cupcakes as prettily as we would please.  The decoration process was fun and possibly one of the best parts of baking.  We were stumped as to what to put as decoration, but once the ball got rolling, we just couldn’t stop!  We practically ran out of cupcakes!

I’m a huge fan of angry birds (played it on my brother’s ipod touch) so I couldn’t resist imposing my bias on one of the cupcakes.  It turned out not quite as well as it appeared in my imagination, but better than the worst case scenario.

We found plenty of amusement with other designs.  On a day with  near-Summer weather, we happily created and recreated some interesting decorations!

My friend melted two pieces of white chocolate on a baking pan, added a yellow chocolate, and two sticks of pretzels!

She also made a birds’ nest out of toasted coconut shreds and put three different chocolate on top as decoration.

I thought honey cupcakes deserved to showcase itself with the yellow bumble bee.  The yellow sour ball is decorated with black icing gel, with two white chocolate pieces attached on the sides.  I made it look a little lonely (gravity worked its magic and made the eyes a little droopy!)

To top it off, my friend decided to melt a jolly rancher to use as a green base.  We made the Green Pig slightly more innocent than intended.  

Our good friend created an amazingly beautiful white dress of butter cream for the princess.  

We can’t end this without a group picture! Ta-da!


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