Breakfast at Angelos’ Bakery & Deli

My roommates and I headed out to Angelos Bakery and Deli on a chilly Saturday morning.  With exams and papers left and right, we met for a light breakfast to catch up.  The place was relatively close to us and it was very easy to find seating in the cafe.  Before ordering, we checked out the different products they had in their store, especially the bakery.  In fact, we headed straight towards the bakery -no time to lose!  They had a variety of baked goods which came either prepackaged or fresh and over the counter.  They had very bright and colourful decorative cookies on display (see the picture below) and we spent a few moments ogling the baked goods before deciding to have breakfast.

They had a couple of menus up: breakfast, hot drinks, cold drinks, dessert waffles, and breakfast waffles.  We ended up getting the gourmet meal combo which included your choice of eggs, baked potatoes, some fruits, and either coffee or tea.  I was very depressed about the fact we were too full after the meal to have a dessert waffle -terribly disappointed.

The foot itself was not the best.  The eggs were bland, the potatoes were too salty, and I remember these sausages from a camping trip once.  The fruit will remain fruit.  The portions were quite large -we had toast with the combo too.  I suppose for a breakfast, it was average and on the slightly expensive side too.  Now I really wish I had ventured to buy a dessert waffle.

The coffee was very diluted though it smelled very nice.  I had hazelnut vanilla and was drawn to it for the smell.  Sadly, the taste i had been dreaming up while sniffing it was just that -a dream.  The meal was decent and a pretty good place to sit down and chat during breakfast.  The cafe itself was quite full and I found the service to be very friendly.  The person who brought us our food was very thoughtful and even helped us move tables because one of them was wobbling.  I might visit this place again just to try the dessert waffle.


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