A Simple Outing: Bayview Court Chinese Cuisine

This Reading Week, I ended up at Bayview Court Chinese Cuisine for dinner.  I heard from my grandparents they had pretty good food so I went in with some expectations of at least average or above average Chinese food.  What makes this trip and restaurant more entertaining is the fact it has a lot of ChiuChow/Chaozhu style dishes.  The restaurant lived up to its hype and I was rather happy to see a menu full of variety and neat pictures.

The restaurant seems to have quite a bit of seating so waiting time should be relatively short.  The interior does have a bit more flare than I originally pictured it out to be and the menu was neat, easy to read, and had plenty of pictures for those who love visuals. Also, if you require the aid of an English translation, they have a menu of pictures so you can pick with ease and without the need for any confusion over what each dish exactly is.

A dish I would definitely recommend would be the goose there.  The meat was very smooth and nice.  Though there was a lot of fat, you can easily separate the meat from it -there’s really no need to avoid meat that has fat attached!

We also tried out the congee, a rice bowl, beef with onions, oyster fried egg (definitely a must-try!), and a dish containing a mix of shrimp, tofu, and broccoli.

I liked the simplicity of the whole ordeal.  No waiting time was incurred, the service was fast and friendly, the menu was easy to read and had lots of variety, and each dish was well done.  The price is quite competitive if you want a price comparison with some other Chinese restaurants in the area.  Overall, it was a nice place to have a good meal with the family and there was no need to worry about ordering too much and incurring a big bill.  If you’re in the area, you should give this place a try!  It’s located on Major Mackenzie Road and Bayview Avenue in the plaza with Metro, KFC, and Wal-Mart.


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