All U Can Eat Japanese II: Ten Ichi

My family and I have been to this place many times before and they have been very consistent the past 2 years we’ve went.  This holiday, we decided to go again to celebrate my mother’s birthday.  As usual, we had to call early to make a reservation.  The first time we visited this location, we had to wait almost an hour for a table and the receptionist advised us to always make reservations at the place since they are usually swarmed -and he wasn’t kidding.

The restaurant is a little small, but they offer two all you can eat options: regular and teppanyaki.  I’ve never chosen the teppanyaki menu, but I often see many people seated in that area.  The food there should be exceptional as well.

Their menu has a wide variety of sashimi, sushi, and cooked foods which includes some items from the teppanyaki menu.  The reason why we come back to this place is because the food comes fast and almost every dish they serve is up to a certain standard.  Unlike many Japanese all you can eat restaurants, there will always be foods you will covet and those you will never want to see in your life again.  The dishes at Ten Ichi are all average to above average and I appreciate having nice food while wolfing down large amounts of it.

Like most all you can eat restaurants, they tend to miss orders, so I’m not too concerned with that.  Last time we went, we were told the place was going to be renovated and become larger.  Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to sit down and have a nice meal without going through the rush of making a reservation several hours to a day prior to their meal.


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