Winterlicious in London II: LaCasa Ristorante

It’s not where you are, but who you’re with that matters

I’ve always believed there’s more value to dining with friends, family, and colleagues while having a good time than going to a restaurant simply for its prestige.  Without a doubt, this Winterlicious could not have been complete without trying it with a group of well-missed friends.  Our group decided to try Italian food and after some deliberation, we made reservations at LaCasa Ristorante.  The restaurant is also located on Kings Street.

Walking in, we were offered coat check service before being led to our table by the friendly waiter.  The interior of the restaurant is simple, but it was relatively darker than most restaurants I’ve visited.  The atmosphere is perfect for romantic couples.

The bread and butter came shortly after we placed our orders and we absolutely loved both the bread and butter there.  We actually ended up getting another basket to appease our appetite!

For my appetizer, I picked the pesto bruschetta which I had missed horribly.  I believe it has been well over half a year since I’ve had these.  I was surprised at the portions of the appetizers.  I have a relatively small stomach so I was a little worried I wouldn’t make it through the main course.

I had the braised lamb shank for the main course.  Truth be told, I am not a very enthusiastic fan of lamb so I really cannot comment on its relative taste.  I believe the main dishes were decent, but not as impressive as I had initially expected.  While most of the table had lamb, one of my friends had the chicken tangolini.

Now for my favourite part of any meal!  The dessert options included creme brulee, cheesecake, sorbet, and chocolate truffle cake.  As I am a fan of chocolate (Happy Chocolate Day! February 9th!), I immediately decided on the truffle cake and chocolate has never let me down.  The menu indicated the cake was from La Rocca and that one piece of cake completely made my day.  I would visit this restaurant solely to taste this one piece of cake again.  Everything from the bold chocolate sauce to the more mild chocolate moose and the pungent chocolate cake bottom screamed perfection.  It was the masterpiece for me and if you’re a chocolate fan, you’ll definitely want to try this!  If you’re interested in buying cakes from La Rocca, they have a website where you can find a local store that carries it: La Rocca Website

Sadly, Londonlicious / Winterlicious has ended for this year and I am bitterly disappointed at the short time frame. There were many examinations and assignments during that time period.  I am, however, looking forward to Summerlicious in Toronto this summer.  It has been an awesome experience and a happy filled time with friends in the midst of stressful academic workload and as they say, all good things must come to an end.  They never mention that there might be a new beginning and a better outcome later on.  This year’s  Winterlicious has been a blast and I really loved the fact London had restaurants participating in this semi-annual event.


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