Winterlicious in London: Auberge du Petit Prince

Winterlicious in London, also called Londonlicious, fell between January 27 to February 9 this year.  It was my good friend who suggested trying a Londonlicious restaurant as our first hangout during 2012 and I gladly accepted.  We were debating which restaurant to visit and settled on a French restaurant called Auberge du Petit Prince.  I read up a little about this place and my interest was piqued at the fact they have different rooms.  The menu looked extremely delicious and while reading some reviews on the restaurant, I found out that their Creme Brulee is absolutely fantastic.  Excited, the two of us made a reservation for dinner.

The restaurant is on King Street, where many other restaurants seem to be located on.  There was still light outside when we arrived a tad early so I decided to take some pictures.

Walking in, there are tables set to the left and right of the front entrance.  Their main desk is actually a little deeper in, right beside a stairwell that leads up to the washroom.  We were led to a table closer to the windows for two and given our menus.

For the three course meal, I had the French Onion Soup as my Appetizer:

It was pretty good.  I can’t make a comparison because I’ve never had a full french onion soup prior to this one.  I’ve only had small tastes of other onion soups, but this one seems less salty.

My friend had the Escargot which she liked so if you’re an escargot fan like my mom is, then you’ll want to choose that for your appetizer.

Next I had the Atlantic Salmon as my Entree.  I remarked before how I rarely taste very good salmon at a restaurant, but this dish tasted very nice together.  Under the salmon are small pieces of fried potatoes.  The salmon itself had enough moisture and was delicious.  The entire dish went well together and the sauce was light enough to complement the salmon.  A fine dish, indeed.

h about and the reviews didn’t lie.  The presentation was not what I expected, but the taste is definitely a win.  My friend also had the creme brulee and we commented on how nice it was.

The food there was very well done and I especially loved the Atlantic salmon.  The decorations and interior were very nice and I thought it facilitated a great atmosphere to catch up with friends and/or family.  The service was friendly and I found the overall experience to be very good.  If I had more time, I might have come here again just for the salmon.  Hopefully this review helped some people who were thinking about this location!


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  1. I love your blog!
    Great photos, recipes and dinning suggestions!

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