Introducing Gal’s Sushi

Back in Toronto, there is a nice sushi place called Ga’s Sushi located right on Highway 7 in Markham, Ontario.  It’s not a very big place so if you ever plan on going during busy hours, make a reservation.  They have a pretty diverse menu of both Japanese and Korean foods and the Japanese food is usually quite decent.

The first time I went, was with my friends, and as I quickly found out most people enjoy sashimi.  Being the oddball, I always end up ordering cooked food that was neither sushi or teppanyaki.  So my taste in Japanese restaurants typically diverge from what the mass or popular opinion may be and I have this phobia -very mild- of going to all you can eat Japanese restaurants.  This particular restaurant, Gal’s sushi, serves pretty decent cooked Japanese foods, sashimi, and sushi, and it saves me the trouble of having to pick one side over the other when deciding on a restaurant.

It is one of my favourite places to go -aside from Gozen Bistro -and grab some sushi or my favourite dish, Unagidon (BBQ Eel on Rice).  The restaurant does get very noisy during lunch and dinner hours mostly because it’s small in size, the tables are quite close to each other, and the place is usually very busy.  If you’re used to going to noisy places then you won’t mind the extra noise, but be warned if you’re not used to that type of atmosphere.

The service is decent though it’s not great.  They serve appetizers such as potato in honey and some glass noodles as well as a salad and miso soup to start off.  If you go for dinner, they even give you a slice of orange and a small portion of red bean paste dessert. Compared to most restaurants I’ve tried, this place is pretty decent though it can get expensive.

I’m not an especially picky eater when it comes to food so I don’t really mind the noise or if the quality of food is slightly less than a restaurant elsewhere as long as it’s comfortable, affordable, and delicious to me.  I definitely recommend dropping by this place if you’re looking into trying Japanese food in Markham.


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