Lunch at Ambassador Chinese Cuisine

My grandparents and parents enjoy having their regular dim sum at this particular restaurant.  Myself, I’ve been there quite frequently on lunches with my grandparents and occasionally with my parents.

The restaurant, Ambassador Chinese Cuisine, is located in Richmond Hill in a plaza with other restaurants -most notably, Wasabi.

The service is friendly, the tea is pretty decent here, and the restaurant is pretty spacious.  Most importantly, the food is great and has consistency!

We ordered a number of dishes that ranged from steamed to fried.  A few orders were our usual and we tried some new ones this time.

The restaurant also has wi-fi access.

This is definitely a great place to enjoy lunch with your friends and/or family.  The food is very decent with the price they charge and the restaurant offers a comfortable setting to socialize.  The service is very friendly and the food generally comes pretty quickly.  You should note if you plan to visit, that some items on the menu are only available on certain days such as their milk custard tarts.  If you’re in Richmond Hill and want to have lunch at a nice Chinese Cuisine, drop by Ambassador Chinese Cuisine!


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