A Trip Downtown for Vietnamese Food: Ben Thanh

I’m always faced with a dilemma whenever my dad decides to come into London and dinner is required because though I’ve lived here for a few years, it’s still foreign to me.  Not to mention we have to deal with food preferences.

So after some hurried research-I researched restaurants the night before-I thought it would be nice to eat some Vietnamese food because last time we had Japanese, at home there’s Chinese food, and I made my dad go to Crabby Joe’s the time prior to that.  We decided on a restaurant downtown called Ben Thanh.

It was raining that day and by the time we entered the restaurant, we were soaked.  In addition, we had to run back out to the car to put the parking permit they gave us behind the windshield.

The food there was all right and tasted a lot better than the one closer to my residence.  It was a lot less salty and they actually had a lot of beef in it.  I had ordered the beef pho (I don’t remember the number from the menu) and my dad had the fried noodles.

The food was decent -depending on what you ordered- but the service was poor.  The waitresses and waiters looked like they hated it there and they were extremely slow with the service.  With the price they charge, I don’t think I’ll visit this place again.  My dad is a bit more picky and complained about the service all the way home -the full two hours.  Well, at least we had a topic.

If you don’t mind the service or price, then you might decide to visit this place.  It’s spacious and they have a pretty extensive menu with numerous assortments of beverages as well as main dishes.   The size of the dishes were pretty big as well.  I ordered a small and the amount they gave me could easily fill a medium.  Overall, I think whether you decide to visit this place would depend on your preference.


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  1. For future reference the two better Vietnamese restaurants, which are more or less beside each other are Thuan Kieu and Dem Hai Dung 🙂

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