Experiencing the London Convent Garden Market

My friend and I decided to visit this place, the Convent Garden Market, on Friday.  I was so excited to visit a place like this, since I rarely have the opportunity to attend one.

The building has a lot of vendors and they vary in what they sell.  Food vendors, including bakeries, seem to be the most popular, along with vendors selling fresh and organic produce.  They even sell different types of jelly you can add to your toast!  The best part about the market are the specialty stores they have.  My favourite ones were the herb/baking goods store and a store on the second floor called Tea Haus.

When we first walked in, we saw this beautiful bakery to our left!  They had decorations for cakes, macaroons, mini cheesecakes, tarts, and an assortment of drinks.

Beautiful additions to a cake

A full shelf of baking ingredients

We also went by this shop that sold a variety of jams and jellies as well as maple syrup and teas!

We later passed by this very beautiful shop that sold candles and flowers.  The candles were made very beautifully and I was tempted to buy one.

There are a variety of stories selling gourmet chocolates there.  My friend tried a caramel heart chocolate which she said to be very delicious.  The lady at the store counter was very kind and even told us the boss made his own caramel for the chocolate.

We decided to try out some cakes before we called it a day.

Near the end of our trip, we went upstairs to this wonderful tea shop.  It’s called “Tea Haus” and has a variety of assortments of teas.  Though I didn’t get any tea this time -due to the amount of tea already at home- I did try some of their samples.  The teas smelled and tasted great and was refreshing especially since I’m used to drinking Chinese tea.

Other interesting vendors:

This is definitely an excellent place to explore and find things you couldn’t find at your local grocery store.  The vendors there are extremely nice.  On a sunny afternoon, visiting the Convent Garden Market has been an eye opening experience and if you haven’t gone, I suggest you go once!


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