Gozen Bistro

I don’t think I’ve ever declared this, but I’m a HUGE fan of Japanese food!

It gets weirder.

I LOVE Japanese food, but I absolutely cannot stomach all the raw stuff.  It’s an absolute waste and I am always disappointed in myself for it.  For some odd reason, my stomach and raw foods cannot cooperate.  Over the years, I’ve tried to reintroduce them, but as you can imagine, it didn’t work.

On a brighter note, Japanese foods include much more than just sashimi and I thoroughly enjoy these foods!

In London, there is a place called Gozen located in Downtown London.  It’s a bright red two story building.  It’s probably the only building in that vicinity that is so brightly coloured.  Just down the street, Moxies Classic Grill is looking sleek and modern and here we have this bright building in the middle of Downtown.  We can’t judge a book by its cover and that principle applies to this very nice Japanese & Korean Bistro.

The interior is very nice, albeit dim at times.  It has quite a bit of seating upstairs and was very busy when I recently visited the place with my dad.  Their sushi and overall food is quite decent and compared to Toronto, it can probably beat more than half of the competitors over there.  The price is nice as well -not as nice as McGinnis, but it’s a bit higher than what most Japanese restaurants in Toronto charge.  Each table has an orchid in a small glass container and from my numerous visits, it seems the flower is always fresh – I saw the waitress cut the flowers off of a huge bouquet.  The waiters and waitresses have always been quite nice there.

My favourite dish there is the Unagi Don (BBQ Eel on Rice).

The peculiar thing about this dish is that they include an egg.  Now, I’ve been to my share of Japanese restaurants, and have never actually ever seen this dish served this way.  It’s mind boggling when I think about it!  Except my stomach seems to love this addition and demands I devour the dish clean!

My father had the teriyaki beef -he had the terikyaki chicken for lunch- and he commented positively on the teriyaki chicken there.  Yes, my father had compliments!

I tasted a small portion of his teriyaki beef and it’s pretty decent.

I had the beef ramen for lunch the day prior to this visit.  Since I was quite sick at that time, I ordered noodles and almost panicked when I saw the soup because it looked like it would be spicy.  Fear not, it was your normal miso soup!

Although I don’t suggest ordering a beef ramen for $8, you can’t complain when you’re sick so I was stuck with this dish -which was delicious by the way-for lunch.

I quite like the atmosphere and the food here at Gozen and given a choice, I would probably come here every single time I want Japanese food.  Unfortunately, the distance between my residence and this restaurant is substantial and the bus schedule isn’t exactly my friend in this.  Alas, I must resort to coming here whenever I’m with my parent(s).

As I’m typing away, I’m starting to crave another visit so I’ll cut this a little short to avoid torturing my stomach.  I’m looking forward to my next visit!


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  1. Oh yum! That place looks delicious! I wish I was in London right now! 🙂

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