Costco Adventures II

As part of our celebratory dinner that night, we also decided to buy this box of 48 pieces of frozen desserts from Costco.  The price was just right, being priced at approximately $13.  We were all so excited to go home and eat these nifty desserts!

The packaging was pretty standard.  They were separated in their respective boxes by their “type” and each type were thrown together in a clear plastic bag.  Nevertheless, I will not complain about things like this when Costco is selling it at that price.  You see, I tend to crave things on a daily basis and desserts is a huge part of “things I like”.

I love frozen desserts which range from soft ice cream to ice cream parfaits at Demetres.  I simply love eating ice cream.  I don’t know how to describe the feeling it brings me every time I go out and have ice cream.  It’s like the light shinning at the end of a dark tunnel when you’re having a stressful or heavy day at school.

The desserts starting from the bottom picture:

Coffee Flavoured Ice Cream Cakes (Bottom Right)- These are actually one of my friend’s favourites.  It has a very light and subtle coffee taste so no need to worry if you’re not a coffee fan!  The cakes are cut into small pieces that pop easily into your mouth -though I take twice bites were piece.  The small dessert packs quite the punch.

Waffered Ice Cream Cake (Top Right) -The taste of these cakes are not exactly bland, but more of a very subtle vanilla flavour.  The wafers are a little hard from all the freezing they’ve been forced under.  Nonetheless, these cakes are quite original in their flavour and texture!

Strawberry Ice Cream Puffs (Bottom Left) -These are my favourite in the whole box!  Be careful though, it’s very cold in the center!  It is essentially strawberry ice cream wrapped in dark chocolate.  If that doesn’t win over your affection then maybe the other three will.  The overall taste is pretty strong out of the four and is actually quite the pleasant treat when you are going through the box.  Compared to it’s counterparts, it’s strong flavour gives it quite the personality.

Chocolate Covered Vanilla Ice Cream Sticks (Top Left) -These little finger-like desserts are definitely making their own statements.  They are filled with vanilla ice cream and when you bite into it, it’s a lot less cold than the ice cream puffs.  It offers a very nice mix of flavours and is not as subtle as the first two desserts listed here.  It’s not as bold as the ice cream puffs, but they serve to balance the entire box of treats.

Costco Desserts Adventure take-off!  I’m going to try those cheesecakes next time! 😉


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