Reminiscing about Chinese Cuisine II

This week I’ve been missing Chinese food terribly.  Last week, I went home to for Thanksgiving and since I’ve been sick for about two weeks now, I REALLY miss Chinese food, especially desserts.

Also, I rarely have the opportunity to go to a Chinese cuisine where I live for most of the year.  It’s always refreshing to see the small things I always took for granted.  When you are deprived of the different types of bread available to you when you go to a restaurant to order dim sum, you know you’ve been away for a bit too long.

I couldn’t help but post these up because I find Chinese desserts to be very enjoyable.  Some are extremely sweet and some have more subtle tastes.  This is actually an old picture, but the desserts rarely change and I can’t help but appreciate some of the traditional plates more now.

Left: Red Bean Soup

Center: Red Bean Stuffed Pastries

Right: Salty Egg & Ginger Pastry with Bean Filling

My favourite has always been the red beans -in pastry form or soup form.  You can even give it to me in ice cream or iced drink form and I will love it.  Its the inexplicable things in life that makes it a bit more colourful.  You don’t have to be a glutton to appreciate food.  I believe enjoying and appreciating your food is a mentally positive thing to do and it will probably alleviate some stress along the way.

I’m hoping to try something Italian soon.  Though my chances are limited as I live away from home and live a University student life.  Do write up a suggestion on places I should visit!


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