[NEW Story] Echoes in the Morning

I probably got this idea stuck in my after watching a marathon of anime and dramas this summer.

This story will be drastically different than my other story, “Burden of Hope”, mostly because I want to try new genres.  I want to be able to expand the types of fiction I’m able to write and improve on them.

This story has a bit of romance mixed into it, but not enough for me to change the rating to “romance” under its genre.  I’ll try to be more descriptive in this one.  The first chapter is quite general and will just introduce the characters and the general story line.  The story does get very emotional as the story progresses so if you want the chest suffocating angst, it’s coming in the later chapters.  For now, I’ll post the first chapter up so everyone can take a look and maybe leave some pointers.


Category: Fantasy

Genre:  Angst/Tragedy

Rating: T

Do we always have to sacrifice something to protect something else?  There are always two sides to every war.  There are always two sides to a coin.  In order to protect their precious world, they cannot lose; they must win.  But in war, there can only be one victor.

A/N: Yes, it is another angst story.  For some reason, I’ve been in the mood for writing angst these days.  I intend this to be completely heart wrenching so if you’re not ready to read something very emotional, don’t start here.  My other story Burden of Hope is a lot lighter than this story.  

Opening: The Captain’s Message


I’ll update the story on FictionPress as soon as possible after this chapter!  I can’t make any promises though!  Midterms are coming up this week and I have to study (T.T)!

Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!


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