My Visit to McGinnis Landing Restaurant

For my friend’s 21st birthday, we went to McGinnis Landing Restaurant.  The story of how we ended up there is pretty random so I’ll spare you the details.  My first impression of this restaurant was that I had no idea what type of restaurant it was.

It doesn’t look much like a restaurant outside and every time I passed by, I would still have no idea.  So it was a bit of a surprise when we walked in to find a very cozy and classic environment.  It had a bar on one side with petite leather sofas and simple but stylish tables set up on the other.  Overall, I was absolutely awed.

There was a small fireplace near the center of the restaurant and it just gave off the feeling of ‘home’.  As you can tell, I absolutely adore the atmosphere.

The good part doesn’t stop here.  I ordered the salmon since I have always loved salmon and wanted to try out the dish here.

Rarely do I eat salmon that is grilled or cooked perfectly to my tastes -I am only picky about salmon!- and seeing the price, I expected a pretty decent dish.  My order came and the salmon was indeed decent.  It was soft and moist and their mash potatoes are fantastic!  I enjoyed the entire dish and though the price is somewhat higher than what I would pay for daily dinner, $20 for a decent dish like this is good value for my money.


I decided to have wine that night and ordered a Terre Neuve.  It’s my first time trying this new wine and it tasted strongly of a mix of berries, a very fragrant and attractive wine.  I thoroughly enjoyed this wine.


One of my friends had the French Onion Soup:

Another friend had a top sirloin steak and one had the ribs & wings.  The ribs & wings were great!  The meat was tender and fell off the bone.  They even went back to the restaurant for a second and third visit!

I would say my first experience at McGinnis was pretty good and I’m glad since it was my friend’s birthday and she seemed to enjoy herself.  We were all really full after that meal since the proportions were huge!

I can’t wait to come here again! 🙂


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