Steamed Egg Custard

I’m back! -Enthusiasm-

I feel like I haven’t been on this blog in forever! Goodness knows I have not -those last few posts were set to publish on those days.

–>Good news – I have been cooking! I haven’t neglected this aspect of my life!

–>Bad news -I am sick! And I am sick 3 days before my LSAT Exam!

For those of you who don’t believe in Murphy’s Law, this is evidence!  My LSAT Instructor told us, “What can go wrong WILL go wrong!” and sure enough it did.

Other than my current lifestyle of instant noodles, Costco dinners, Tim Hortons, and sometimes pure starvation, I did find time to actually make something I thought would be worth mentioning !

This is a simple and delicious recipe!  It’s pure and full of flavour!  It’s very smooth and made of eggs!  Although I believe it might have some origins in Japan or somewhere out East, I have seen a diverse amount of people consume this lovely dish.  If you guessed steamed egg custard then you’re right!

Steamed Egg Custard !

Steamed Egg Custard

This comes from a home recipe.  It serves 2!


  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • a quarter of a leak (chopped into small pieces)
  • soy sauce (depends on your taste)
  • one spoonful of cooked oil
  • A plate that has some depth (enough for 2 eggs, around half an inch to an inch deep)
  • A pot **ensure it is large enough to fit the plate & rack in)
  • A rack (low enough so your plate can fit into it)
  • Another plate (larger so it covers your smaller plate with the egg custard)
  1. Set your pot with enough water in it to boil for 10 minutes (should be enough water to slightly touch the highest point of your rack).  Turn heat up to maximum and let it boil while you begin preparations.
  2. Whip two large eggs together in a small bowl until it turns light yellow.  Add a pinch of salt and stir until integrated.
  3. Pour your beaten eggs into your plate.  Next, pour around one bowl (should be around two times the amount of eggs you had in that bowl) of water into the egg dish.  Stir until fully integrated and let it sit. **I apologize, I don’t have any measuring cups with me here in my new apartment so I’m doing all of this by estimation**
  4. Add the chopped leek into the egg custard.
  5. Place plate into your pot (the water should be boiling) and place the extra plate on top to prevent any steam from escaping your plate on the bottom.
  6. Place the lid over the entire pot and let it steam for 11 minutes (Be careful! My stove at home takes me around 12 minutes to have them done, but this stove takes only 11 minutes.)
  7. Remove from heat immediately and remove plate from the pot, still hot.
  8. Carefully remove the upper plate (please take care with the steam) and pour soy sauce onto surface until the egg custard is almost fully covered.
  9. Take a spoonful of cooked oil*and carefully let it fall onto the custard in a circular motion.
Voila! A nice moist, soft, and very smooth steamed egg custard!
*Note on cooked oil: you can make cooked oil by simply putting oil into a pan and cooking it (literally!)
Steamed Egg Custard for Lunch is the best!
It feels good to be back on WordPress again and I personally enjoy typing out these blogs -though sometimes I have this feeling of talking to myself.  The web is an interesting place!  It utterly alienates me when I think people reading this would think I’m talking to myself, but I do try my best.  The world around us is so narrowly defined it’s nice to know I can still get away with some deviation!
Hope everyone here will enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving in October! 🙂

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