CORA’s Breakfast & Lunch

I recently went to a nearby Cora’s to have brunch with my family.  I’ve heard mixed responses in the past about this chain of franchises so I decided to check it out myself.

My impression before going to Cora’s was that it was oriented towards families with small children and it was bound to be overpriced -I’m an adult and don’t like to spend money unnecessarily.  I’ve read countless reviews on the internet which were not flattering and would probably turn most people away immediately.  However, I have heard good things about CORA’s such as how they have great presentation, excellent service, and really good fruits.

My impression after visiting is that it beat my expectations though I would agree its overpriced.  First, I’ve had better coffee.  It was too watery for me and didn’t suit my taste one bit.  Next, the menu is enough to deter money-spending averse people and even those who aren’t used to paying about $11 for every dish.  But its really not all bad because from my point of view, Cora’s has been around for how long?  Really, if there was nothing good about it then who would want to go?

The presentation of their dish is above average.  I ordered a Ham & Cheese Panini -the Sunshine, I believe its called on the menu-and it came in perfect portions!  I’m not someone who can eat a lot nor someone who doesn’t eat anything for lunch so I managed to finish the whole dish without feeling overly bloated or dissatisfied with the quantity I got.  I love having fruit for my breakfast and lunch and I absolutely love that this place gave me a nice assortment of fruits.  You have no idea how many restaurants overlook the importance of having something that is not dripping with cheese, sauce, or sugar when you sit down for some brunch.  The music was a bit loud for my tastes but its not annoying in any way.  Our waitress was very nice and we received better service here than in restaurants where I’ve had to pay more.

So my overall impression is that I would enjoy coming to this place again.  It won’t be a place I come everyday or every week, but its a place I would go with friends and family to enjoy a nice hearty brunch once in a while.  By far, I think people misunderstand or completely exaggerate the price.  I agree its pricey and you would do better if you buy all the ingredients yourself and make it, but isn’t that true for many things as well?  It’s not the epic experience you would be all excited for and dress up for that you might get at places like Milestones or Moxies.  Let me remind you of this, its brunch and nobody is going to force you to go there every single day.  If you go there, then enjoy it.  If you are like me and don’t mind splurging once in a while to get away from all the cafes and restaurants you normally frequent, then you might enjoy Cora’s.


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