[NEW Update] Chapter 5: Always, Always Like This

The fifth chapter is up on FictionPress!

This chapter puzzled even me.  The scene in front of the house really had me stumped for a few days (I think most people refer to this as a writer’s block).

I ended up watching an anime called D-Gray Man in my desperate attempt to inspire myself to write something.  Who knew watching an anime could get someone to become so sentimental.  My idea only came along when I had the sudden urge to actually play the musical score from one of the OST soundtracks of the anime.  It’s from a very sad and heartbreaking scene. It really got to me -I’m a sucker for these things.  And I thought the song fit the character in a way.  The song is called Tsunaida te ni Kiss wo  (also called the Musician’s Song/ Hands Sealed with a Kiss/ Upon our Joined Hands, Leave a Kiss).  It’s sung by Sanae Kobayashi, the voice actress.

So I found a musical score online and printed it out only to realize its been almost 2 and a half years since I’ve touched the piano.  It worked out in the end after a few practice shots that ended terribly.  I suggest giving the song a listen if you’re in a sad mood or if you just want to fall asleep to a song, this would be the one.

The story is coming to a close.  There are only three chapters left in the story.  I’m hoping to have the whole story up by the time school starts again -cries.

Have fun reading!

Chapter 5: Always, Always Like This



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