New Story up on FictionPress: Burden of Hope by HappyMango


I had to wait two days after activating an account on FictionPress to make my first upload.  I’ve been working on this story for a bit now and I dare say I’m almost done writing the whole story.  I’m starting off slow and posted up only the first chapter -coincidentally the shortest one.  It’s a little over 2,000 words.  I decided I will post the second chapter up after I edit it.

Title: Burden of Hope

Genre: Young Adult Fiction (Adventure/Angst)


Nadia and Kyle are two people who live in a metropolitan city.  Their lives portray the normal life of the average citizen and the struggling middle class.  They question their taxing lives and search for answers that will unlock the door to a better tomorrow.  Each day is a struggle, the continuous battle of life and the will to close the inexplicable gap between the complexity of reality and the fantasy of their dreams.  The choices they make weigh heavily on their narrow shoulders as they hesitantly, yet resolutely make decisions they believe will lead them towards a better future.  Will they be able to see the tomorrow they want or will they merely keep dreaming of that tomorrow?

Chapter 1: Distant Past, Near Future


About Happy Mango

Hi, I'm Happy Mango and this is my blog. Feel free to look around and leave comments!

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