Amazing Black Bottom Cheese Cupcakes

So I was looking through a bunch of recipes that involved the use of chocolate -my brother loves it -and I found this very interesting recipe titled “Black Bottom Cupcakes”.  To be honest, I had no idea what that was at the time.  I saw a picture and fell in love instantly.  I followed the recipe and voila~

1st batch

Despite my fears, they all turned out rather well.  It was agonizing to watch the cheese slide off to the side when I shifted the cupcake pan so it would bake evenly.  The best part is that they tasted amazing!

The cupcake itself was very soft and moist.  The cheese added a bit of saltiness to the whole cupcake.  It was a perfect combination!  The sweetness of the cake and saltiness of the cheese really helped to accentuate both flavours, especially the chocolate.

Black Bottom Cheese Cupcake

I followed the recipe from .  The authoress was correct about changing the time and temperature or the cupcakes might have come out overdone.

I made a few adjustments because my family preferred less chocolate so I did away with adding the chocolate chip bits into the cheese.  I also took them out at exactly 25 minutes, just when the cheese began to brown.  The only problem I had was that I had a lot of leftover cheese mixture after making 24 cupcakes .  My mother told me to pack it away for another batch later on but I decided to have fun and experiment! -silly me.

I packed the cheese on top of a few of the cupcakes and threw them into the oven. Again, for 25 minutes.  They turned out looking like oversized mushrooms and still tasted great -especially if you love cheese.

I personally enjoyed the fushion of a cheesecake and a chocolate cupcake into one delicious product but if you love chocolate and not a big fan of cheese I still suggest you follow the recipe for the chocolate cupcake filling.  They would most definitely wow you with its chocolate flavour and moist interior.  I am definitely making these cupcakes again!


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